Episode 1

The prescription pill epidemic has received much attention in the news. However few people are aware of the issues surrounding the rehab industry and the questions of how to avoid corruption and false advertising in the world of recovery and healing.

The first episode is called Pills, Policy, and Rehab: The Business of Addiction and features academy award winning actor Eric Roberts, politician Paul Chabot and advocate Bob Bowerman in a heated debate on the harsh realities of rehab. They cover everything from the business of rehab, the science of addiction, the prescription pill epidemic, living in an altered society, escapism and the challenges of leaving rehab. Join the debate and share your comment!

Episode 2

This episode's panel discussion, called Weed Nation: Moving Beyond Legalization,  includes a panel discussion with actor Eric Roberts, politician Paul Chabot, weed advocate Bob Bowerman and host Dr. Reef Karim. Watch them battles it out on what's next now that weed is becoming legalized and more accepted in American society. This episode has already helped introduce a new bill to legislation!